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Generators > Gasline Engine > CAT RP6500E Genrator
Product Number: GE-DY6500LX


The CAT 6500E is a perfect source of portable power. Its large OHV engine offers all the energy you need at home, at work, or for fun activities anywhere. This generator will keep you running up to 12 hours. It’s a portable power solution for commercial or residential power needs.

The CAT portable generator comes with an electric starter. It also contains a lithium ion battery that recharges while the generator runs so that the extra power is always ready. It’s a great option to keep you running at all times, even on the move.

This generator can go with you and power your computers and televisions at home, or your drills and saws at work. It can also power almost anything in between. Just take it with you where and when you need it. Overall, it’s everything you need in a portable generator.


  • CAT portable generator models are made to be user-friendly with simple and intuitive controls
  • The RP6500E has 8125 Watts of starting power with an electric or recoil starting method. It runs at 6500 Watts, and the engine operates at 3600 RPM
  • The CAT RP6500E has an OHV engine with splash lubrication and a 420cc displacement. The manufacturer-recommended oil type for this engine is SAE30/10W-30. The generator’s runtime at 50% capacity is 12 hours
  • The RP6500E has Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) with an AC voltage of 120/240V. The AC frequency is 60Hz
  • The CAT RP6500E fuel tank has a 7.9-gallon capacity. This model also contains a lithium ion battery. A useful fuel gauge is attached to the fuel tank so that the owner can view fuel levels and manage use. It also has a low-level fuel shutdown method
  • This model comes with single-side controls—a LED panel that holds all of the power outlets, as well as the controls for an all-in-one operation center. From there, you can start, stop, choke, and shut off the fuel
  • The RP6500E has a double-folding handle for easy carrying and storage. The wheels are never flat so that rolling and moving is always easy, too
  • The CAT RP6500E comes with a 36-month limited warranty that is activated when the item is registered within 30 days of initial purchase
  • EPA Compliant
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