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Automotive > Jump Starter > Mini Jump Starter w/Pump JB1234
Product Number: JS-1

Mini Jump Starter w/Air Compressor JB1234

This power bank special designed for hurricane season

1. One charge can use to operate Fans, lights, can charge your phone and your computer, like you have 10 pcs D batteries.
2. if the battery of your car get weak because the rain, this unit is perfect to use to jump your car.
3. if you got flat tires, this unit include air compressor and fill up your tire easily.

  • Multi-function 12V Car Emergency jump starter/Car battery charger      
  • With LED display to show percentage of Power and output voltage     
  • Compatible working with  Car,cell phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5,tablet PC(Ipad), PDA,notebook,Laptop     
  • With high capacity high power Lithium Cobalt to support fast charging and low self-discharge     
  • With more than 1000times charging and discharging cycles     
  • Support 12V car emergency jump start with  flash light for torch and SOS function     
  • Input Voltage:15V/1A     
  • Multi-output Voltage:5V/2.1A*2,12V/16V/19V-3.5A     
  • Starting Current :300A(<2S)     
  • Peak current:600A     
  • Working Temperature:-20℃-70℃

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